For Authors

Journal of Linguistics & Literature, University of Chitral, a peer-reviewed journal, invites papers relevant to the broad fields of linguistics and literature.

  • Submission of articles

Please submit all papers to the Editor using one of the two methods detailed below:

  1. We prefer electronic submission to
  2. Alternatively, send a virus-free Compact Disk (CD), with manuscript formatted in MS Word. Disks should be labelled with the name of the article, the author, and the software used. Two paper copies (signed) should be submitted with the disk to the Assistant Editor. We do not return the submitted papers.

All correspondence related to the journal should be addressed to the Editor.

  • Manuscript length

Manuscripts should not exceed 7000 words (including endnotes and references) with an informative abstract (250 words maximum) and 3-5 keywords.

  • Format of Paper

Journal of Linguistics & Literature follows a variant of APA/MLA styles to accommodate the multi-disciplinarian work that the journal features. References must indicate full name(s) of author(s), editor(s), year of publication, city of publication, publisher’s full name, and page numbers. References at the end of papers in a latest issue of our journal are a good immediate guide for potential contributors. Papers not following these guidelines will not be processed.

  • Peer-review Process

Manuscripts that adhere to submission guidelines are initially reviewed by the Editor of JLL. Manuscripts qualifying for peer review are sent to at least two expert reviewers: one national and one international. The corresponding author will receive all editorial communications regarding the status of the manuscript, revisions, and reviews. All revisions and the dissemination of the reviewers’ comments and other manuscript information to co-authors are the corresponding author’s responsibility. To be accepted or rejected for publication, a paper must receive two positive or two negative reviews. If the editor receives one positive and one negative review, a third, tie-breaking review must be obtained.

  • Copyright and Clearing Permissions

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing through any medium of communication those illustrations, tables, figures or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere. Add your acknowledgments to the typescript, preferably in the form of an Acknowledgements section at the end of the paper. Credit the source and copyright of photographs or figures in the accompanying captions.

It is also important that you carefully proofread your paper, and that it is accompanied by a Turnitin similarity index report in soft form. JLL will also check submissions for plagiarism.