Contemporary Issues of Radical Temper in Leonard Ikerionwu’s Heroes of Change: a Marxist Study


  • Raphael Chukwuemeka Onyejizu Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria Author


Literary Creativity, Radical Temper, Marxism, Commitment, Revolution, Heroes of Change


This paper sets out to examine the contemporary issues of radical temper in Leonard Ikerionwu’s prose fiction. It aimed at showing that the myriads of challenges of the Nigerian socio-political enclave have not escaped the creative consciousness of the emergent African (Nigerian) writer and critic. It was discovered that the text under study carefully mirrored the present society from the Marxist viewpoint, highlighting attendant problems such as marginalization among the rank and file of the military, poverty, corruption, unemployment, insecurity, and leadership ineptitude. In the light of these potent issues presented, the paper sought to educate and appeal to the masses’ conscience to perceive revolution as an alternative means towards the total restoration of change in human society.


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