For Reviewers

In reviewing, please pay attention to the following elements:

  • It is essential to consider and conclude if the paper makes a valuable contribution to existing knowledge and literature in terms of theory development, new data, new methodology, etc.
  • Is the paper written and submitted according to the journal's Instructions for the authors?
  • Is the paper written and presented up to publishable standards of the Journal in terms of whether any concepts have been defined adequately, whether the paper is well structured with coherent argumentation and well-integrated, clarity of any statistical data, tables and diagrams, whether the title reflects the contents of the paper accurately, if any part of the paper should be cut out, restructured or further developed.
  • Appropriateness of referencing in terms of giving adequate credit to other contributors in the field, significant omissions and whether the references are complete and written correctly.
  • Reviewers’ proposal to the course of action may be to accept the paper as presented, repeat the review process after changes recommended by the reviewer, or reject the paper.