Comparative Analysis of UK & Pakistani Advertisements: A Cross-Cultural Perspective


  • Wahid ud Din Lecturer in English, Higher Education Department, Punjab Author
  • Sarah Shamshad Lecturer, Department of English, National College of Business Administration and Economics Multan Author



Culture, Cross-cultural, advertisement, UK, Pakistan, Media, Critical Discourse Analysis


Culture plays a very important role in an advertisement. Ads not only have semantic significance but also a metaphorical interpretation. Media strategy is very crucial in designing an ad. The language of advertisement got its own meaning. This study is based on the comparison of Pakistani and UK ads. For this purpose, Multidimensional critical discourse analysis is used to analyze the data. The researcher followed the multimodal critical discourse approach (Machin, 2007), Van Leuven’s framework for recontextualization (2008), and Berry’s model of acculturation (1980). The researcher has taken four Pakistani and four UK advertisements to know the difference between them. The UK ads are highlighting their own culture whereas in Pakistani advertisements although local culture is dominating yet still there is an assimilation of dominating culture, i.e. west. The reason is obvious that eastern advertisement companies are attracted towards strong economic conditions. So, the linguistic and visual features of participants and their color shows acculturation that UK, s culture is dominant.




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Wahid ud Din, & Sarah Shamshad. (2022). Comparative Analysis of UK & Pakistani Advertisements: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 6(I), 44-66.

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