Impact of Persian Sufi Thoughts on D. H. Lawrence’s Writing


  • Dolat Khan Assistant Professor, Lasbela University, Balochistan, Pakistan Author



mysticism, divinity, holistic vision, physical and spiritual connection, cosmology, transcendental, metaphysics, ontology


In this paper we have argued that Lawrence’s interest in what is ancient wisdom brings him in direct or indirect contact with Sufi metaphysics. This outlook on the world brings him closer to a Sufi universe in two ways. Firstly, Lawrence portrays romantic relationships in a mystical language, he presents the sensuous relationships as sacred activities through which the characters aspire to self-discovery. Lawrence`s portrayal of romantic love corresponds with higher concept of love in Sufi literature.  Secondly, this paper takes a closer look to some of Lawrence’s spiritual works including his Study of Thomas Hardy to compare his sustained argument regarding spiritualism and transcendental motifs in comparison with Sufi cosmology. Moreover, the following discussion also includes a detailed engagement with Lawrence`s correspondence and biographical information of the time when Lawrence was writing his essays and novels which contain transcendental motifs. His correspondents and biographical information suggest he had some direct exposure with Sufi literature in translation.




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Dolat Khan. (2021). Impact of Persian Sufi Thoughts on D. H. Lawrence’s Writing. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 5(II), 34-48.

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