Perceptions Of Madrassa Students And Teachers Towards English Language Learning


  • Syed Sajjad Ali Lecturer in English, Department of English, NUML Peshawar Author



Madrassas students; Madrassas teachers; English language learning; English language teaching in Madrassas; perceptions about English language


The purpose of this descriptive research study is to find out the perceptions of students and
teachers about the problems and challenges in learning and teaching of English language in
Madrassas located in urban area of District Mardan. The main objectives of the study are to
assess the attitude of both the students and teachers towards English language; to find out the
required facilities for the teaching and learning of English and to put forward the
recommendations of the students and teachers for the eradication of the problems and challenges
to English language learning and teaching in Madrassas. The population of the research study
consist of all Madrassas and all male students and teachers in Urban Madrassas in District
Mardan. The researchers use convenient sample for the selection of Madrassas. Selection of
students is based on thirty percent proportionate sample; while teachers are selected on the basis
of hundred percent proportionate samples accordingly. Two separate questionnaires are the
instrument for data collection. The questionnaires comprised on both closed and open ended
items. The collected data were analyzed using percentage and thematic analysis. Findings of the
study revealed that there are no proper facilities for the teaching of English language. The results
of this research study may be helpful for the policy makers to emphasize more on the importance
of English language learning in Madrassas across Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in




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