Motivation and Anxiety in English Language Classrooms at Intermediate level in Daska, Sialkot, Pakistan


  • Mubashar Raza University of Management and Technology, Sialkot, Pakistan Author



Motivation, Socio-Economic background, Academic Background, Higher Secondary Level, Daska, Sialkot


Positive motivation plays an important role in the acquisition of L2 at all levels.
The present study tries to explore why 70% Sialkoti students enrolled in public
schools (School Education Department Punjab 2020,April 20) are not interested
in English language and as a result Pakistan is suffering both in terms of economy
and progress. In the past, researchers ignored the factors such as anxiety, absence
of motivation and socio-Economic factors that affect motivation. The research
shows that Sialkoti students having strong economic background show keen
interest in English language learning as compared to those with poor or weak
economic background. Poor economic conditions cause discomfort, low or no
interest in the classroom, weaker student-teacher bond and absence of selfrespect.
These conditions increase the level of anxiety and demotivate the learner
to speak English in the classroom. It is very important to maintain conducive
environment for the students so that they may pay more attention to the
acquisition of language. The population of this research consists of 56
intermediate students of Govt. Higher Secondary School Adamkay Cheema,
Sialkot. The researcher formulated a questionnaire on lickert’s scale and provided
maximum time to the students to solve it. The data has been analyzed using SPSS
version 22.0. The results of the study show that motivation plays a very important
role in learning L2 in students of Daska, Sialkot.




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Mubashar Raza. (2019). Motivation and Anxiety in English Language Classrooms at Intermediate level in Daska, Sialkot, Pakistan. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 3(II), 102-127.

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