Analytical Study of Violence Theme in Victoria Schwab’s This Savage Song


  • Muntazar Mehdi NUML Author



Parents, Children, Society, Violence, Monsters


This research article focuses on the theme of violence and its representation by
the characters of the novel “This Savage Song” by Victoria Schwab. How
violence is transmitted through genes to next generations and to what extent
socio- psycho factors are involved in it, has also been discussed. Similarly, in
what manner violent events and deeds by the parents affect the psychology of
children and how it inculcates aggressive behaviour in their minds has been
studied. What role is played by the parents in grooming the personality of
children and ultimately their decisions to choose the right or wrong way has
been argued. In the light of the theory of Judith Harris, this research paper
highlights all the phenomena involved: How the social hierarchy controls the
behaviour. In addition, the aggressive approach of the people in their lives has
been analyzed in the light of the study of second theorist Thomas W Blume. As
the novel is a unique representation of supernatural characters, the monsters,
which are the products of some cruel deeds, this research paper brings out
different dimensions of human sufferings with respect to these supernatural
beings. Moreover, the researcher also discusses that, in what manner the curse
of violence creates an inevitable vicious cycle of cruel monsters that makes the
life of the characters turbulent and miserable.




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Muntazar Mehdi. (2019). Analytical Study of Violence Theme in Victoria Schwab’s This Savage Song. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 3(I), 29-41.

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