Semantic and Pragmatic Structures in Chomsky’s Binding Theory


  • Dr. Amjad Ali Assistant Professor, Department of English, Islamia College Peshawar Author



binding theory, elliptical structures, meaning and form model


The central question that this paper attempts is to describe the conditions under which the anaphor can be determined grammatically or contextually. The issue at hand is whether anaphoric forms can be distinguished from indexical ones within Binding theory. The syntactic representation of bindees are characterized by the use of indices. But what role does the context play in assigning co-referential or non-coreferential properties to anaphors? Furthermore, ellipses are also context-bound. An elliptical structure is indexical, rather than anaphoric.

The study analyzes the syntactic structures of Chomsky’s Binding theory within Bolinger’s (1979) semantic model Meaning and Form. It seeks the support of other semanticists in order to fill possible semantic gaps in Binding theory. 




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Dr. Amjad Ali. (2021). Semantic and Pragmatic Structures in Chomsky’s Binding Theory. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 5(II), 16-33.

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