Syntactic Analysis of Pakistani English: A case study of male and female bloggers’ Language of Baluchistan


  • Durdana Rafique Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Turbat (UoT) Author



Blogs, Bloggers, Pakistani English, Transformational generative grammar, Syntax


The influence of English in all fields of life cannot be ignored and it has influenced all people belonging to any field of life living in any area of the world. The English used in Pakistan is different from the standard British English. It is called an institutionalized variety of English, according to Rahman (2000). This study aims to add the existing research on Pakistani English by exploring the syntactic features of Pakistani English in the blogs of male and female bloggers of Baluchistan. The researcher uses the theory of Noam Chomsky Transformational Generative Grammar. (2002). He says that grammar is generative because it can produce an infinite number of sentences from the set of finite rules. The population for the present study consists of male bloggers and female bloggers from all over Baluchistan. Total number of 7 blog posts is selected by the researcher. A simple random sampling technique is used for collecting data. 4 male bloggers and 4 female bloggers belonging to different ethnic groups are selected, based on social genre. 3 blogs are from male bloggers and 4 are from female bloggers due to the limitation of time. The blogs are selected from e-news websites, i.e. Daily Times, The Baloch Nation, Baluchistan Voice, The Dawn News, The Friday Times, and Sada-e-Baluchistan. The findings of the study show that there are differences found in the language in the blogs of male and female bloggers of Baluchistan in using Pakistani English. It is analyzed that male bloggers use syntactic features which are more inclined towards BSE as compared to females. However, the changes in the syntactic features of the language of bloggers also show that the sentences are transformed from the simple sentence into another sentence, by conforming the facts that how changes occur with either same meanings or different meanings




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Durdana Rafique. (2023). Syntactic Analysis of Pakistani English: A case study of male and female bloggers’ Language of Baluchistan. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 5(I), 469-483.

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