An Analysis of Symbolism in William Faulkner’s “The Bear”


  • Salman Hamid Khan Lecturer in English, GDC Hayatabad, Peshawar Author



The Bear, William Faulkner, Race Identity, Self-Realization, Symbolism


This paper explores how William Faulkner through the subtle use of symbols brings to the readers multiple interpretations and associations in the story The Bear. The complicated and ambiguous use of language the bear appears more than just a wildlife, in the hands of the master storyteller the animal transcends its ordinary existence. Considered to be one his celebrated and complex long short story sensitizes the readers to all together new dimension that carries his special signature. The story is at the time about race identity self-realization and emancipation in a Faulknerian sense. To define the complexity of the symbolism the text has been deconstructed and decoded, by close reading to disentangle the complicated prose. Using textual analysis, the underlining meaning, and connotation have unfurled. The paper finds that though Faulkner is not going the mainstream view so far as racism or racialization is concerned yet in masterful stroke awakens in readers an n empathy missing in most of his other work about deep south the hub of race tension.




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Salman Hamid Khan. (2020). An Analysis of Symbolism in William Faulkner’s “The Bear”. University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature, 4(I), 107-112.

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